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卫星已进入太阳系qa PVP加新图?哪个Z驱?

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卫星已进入太阳系qa PVP加新图?哪个Z驱?

  1) (08:37) Italians scheduled for end of next year


  2) (08:45) It's unlikely that there'll be a crew / crew management like the one in WoT, but Ev1n would like to expand the captain system with a second crew member that represents the whole crew of a ship. Thus you'd have a commander and a crew, the latter would be bound to the ship. That's what it could (!) look like, but we'll have to see.


  3) (09:39) Q about GZ which is no news here, will probably get TBs with deep water torps if they prove suitable.


  4) (10:05) IFHE and smoke nerf will probably come at the same time.


  5) (10:11) Roma's model is being worked on.


  6) (10:45) On the question whether they will rework the captain skill system or if they're satisfied, Ev1n says they're never satisfied with anything. They're always looking into ways to improve the game.


  7) (11:28) RPF is still a controversial topic but it doesn't have too much influence on the game. Competitive might be an exception since it may be a must have skill there for DDs. But we'll see. If it prooves too detrimental for the game it'll be removed or changed like IFHE.


  8) (12:02) Kitakami might come back for events for example. Regarding PvP: "Erm..... I'd rather not."


  9) (12:47) MM +/-1 is heavily dependent on number of players, so if WoWs does have the number of players WoT has today then maybe one day in the distant future.


  10) (13:54) Submarines. We don't see a feasible way to include them into the game, since they're very very slow. But we are thinking about different possibilites. One of the many ideas was to have submarines players spawn behind the enemy spawn instead of their own team's spawn. That way you'd have a similar effect as in PUBG where you have that blue border pushing you in. That might be a similar effect. Whether or not that'll work... your guess is as good as mine. That's pre-design / concept, so don't expect anything anytime soon.


  11) (15:40) Convois are still alive. The concept still lives on, it's just not really neccessary for the game as it is right now. It's still on our minds and may be we'll find some other application for them.


  12) (17:28) It doesn't seem to be very appealing if you had to fight a Yamato with one of those scenario torpedoboats / Schnellboote. Those ships were initially the class we considered an additional class for the game, together with submarines. But you'd have controlled them in a similar way as you control CV squadrons, so you'd have a group of them and controll all of them as one squadrons. However, since we still have issues with CVs as it is, there's no point in trying to adapt that concept for those torpedoboats.


  13) (18:43) Half the dev team are navyfield veterans. Initially the CVs had a kind of artillery view so they played relatively similar to the other ships and there, the CV concept worked out because of this. Balance was fairly ok back then, but we had no really good idea how to rework the CV concept for the new top down view. We maybe have an idea where you could control your planes the same way you follow your shells, but here you could actually control the panes, which would enable a sort of skill shot. Well, it's but one idea.


  14) (20:39) Wargaming has it's own event in Russia and thus doesn't attend Igromir any more.


  15) (21:08) He thinks that there'll be a BB tech tree each year. Ev1n makes it clear that for him there should be an European tech tree release each gamescom. German lines are in the game already, strong "nein nein nein" for German CV line.


  16) (21:43) There'll be alternate trees for Germans, Americans, Japan and the British, at some point, in the distant future.


  17) (22:37) New weapon type we tested were missiles. They were really really great, but not for this game. You'd have followed a single shot missile and steered it into the target. It was super fun, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too strong. It's just not a feature that is suitable for this game. We also tried an unguided variant, but that was just boring, it was just like normal shooting but slower with more damage.


  18) (25:00) Next CV tech tree will be British, but no comment on when they'll come. We still need to rework the CV gameplay before that anyway. IJN Tone is also tied to this rework, as are other hybrid vessels, meaning they'll certainly not come before the CV rework is done.


  19) (26:27) We tested mines in Operation Dynamo and they worked pretty well. Question now is how we could include them into PvP games, if we were to include them at all.


  20) (29:45) New map every two-three updates.


  21) (29:56) Yes, there'll be a German premium DD.


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